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Whitney's Awesome Birth Journey (17)
Whitney's Awesome Birth Journey (22)
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Mia's Awesome Birth Journey (22)
Mia's Awesome Birth Journey (31)
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Mia's Awesome Birth Journey (21)
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Hannah's Awesome Birth Journey (19)
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New big sister!
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It's a boy!
Sweet dreams!
Big yawn for such a tiny person!

Jenn is a wonderful soul full of love. My husband and I took her five week birth class. When we walked in the class for the first time she greeted us with a hug and was very kind. She shared vital information about sitting habits, spinning babies, rebozo techniques, how the body works together during labor, along with helpful newborn information. She sent us emails at the end of every class for follow up information and the ability to go over what we had learned in the class previously. I recommend any parents who are expecting to join this class to be empowered and learn more about how to go into labor without fear, but with confidence that you and your partner have wonderful tools to use during the birthing experience.  

Sterling S.

I met Jenn at the childbirth class she was teaching. My husband and I instantly felt a connection with Jenn and grew to trust her because of her kindness and warm personality. We had decided to ask her to be our doula and Jenn kindly accepted. We had met multiple times prior to the delivery. We didn't know what to expect from a home delivery we had planned. She was able to answer all our questions and provide assurance and comfort. Jenn helped me feel empowered as I knew what I could potentially expect. She was available on the phone in the middle of the night for support. Jenn was with us every step of the way through uncomfortable and later painful contractions helping me assume different positions to feel more comfortable and keep the labor progressing well. I remember her massaging my hands which helped distract me and alleviate the pain. We will be forever grateful to Jenn for being with us through this challenging and rewarding time. 

Adrijana M.

I absolutely do not know where to start! I can not imagine my birth experience with out Jenn being a party of our story! Everything we learned in her partnering class truly is what leads me to believe why we had such an easy and calm birthing experience. She taught us so many techniques to stretching and ways my  partner could support me through contractions. This information was life changing! She also gave me the confidence I needed about my birthday plan and taught both me and my partner how acceptable it is for us to say No to things if we were to end up at the hospital instead of being at home. And we did, we needed up having our daughter at the hospital and I was strong and confident in my stances with the nurses and even delivery team. Yup, I was the women on the e.r table having a baby yelling at the nurses to let me push when I felt I was ready, not cut the cord and. No eye goop. I ate tacos after my water broke and drank water the entire time during my labor and I was strong enough to make my own decisions because she taught me it was more than ok. We didn't even have time for a birth plan because I was rushed to the e.r and had my baby in less than 1 hour later. I remember laying on the table a split second after our daughter was born naturally thinking that was easier than I thought and I know that's because we were prepared. Her advice and teachings were literally everything when it came to why I believe we had such a wonderful and quick birthing experience. My body was prepared! I was prepared! Baby daddy was prepared! P.s make yourself affirmation cards and read them daily. Labor is intense and having mantras to remind yourself of while those waves are coming helps tremendously. It's help get you out of your head and focused on positive thoughts. YOU WERE MADE TO DO THIS!  

Jess H.

Absolutely loved this class! Jenn is so awesome, always being so positive. My husband and I went into the class a little scared, but came out feeling so empowered and excited. Jenn was so joyful and informative, we felt really prepared. We ended up having an amazing birth and credit this class and Jenn. Would love to take it again! 10/10 recommend

Sarah J.

Jenn SAVED my birth. Without her, I would have probably had a c-section. We planned to deliver our first baby in a birth center with midwives and had to transfer to a hospital during labor. Jenn was with us every minute of it for more than 24 hours.

She kept me going and doing the right exercises to help my baby rotate and descend (Spinning babies, rebozo and more!) and she reminded me to rest and relax to help the cervix open completely. And it worked! Her help was invaluable and I cannot praise her highly enough!

She managed to be very enganged and hands-on and at the same time be almost invisible and help my husband shine as my perfect birth partner. I am certain that I didn't tear thanks to her warm compresses during pushing and she kept me going with encouragement and prayers when it got really tough. Somehow, Jenn managed to make a cozy and lovely-smelling labor cave out of a hospital room.

She mothered me as if I was her own daughter and she is incredibly kind and lovely. She didn't use a program or a script, instead she helped me how I needed to be helped and tailored all her help specifically to me and my situation. Her knowledge of everything labor and birth is immense and she helped me make the right decisions to save my vaginal birth and have the outcome I wanted.

We are so grateful to have had her by our side. We will definitely stay in touch and hire her again to be our doula with all of our babies! 

Rebecca S.

I will forever be thankful for my birth going how it did because of Jenn!
Before even getting to the hospital, I was empowered with knowledge and information about labor and delivery that later ended up making a big difference in my birth experience. I went into the hospital feeling that I could make the best decisions for my child and I, no matter what happened. I ended up having a long and arduous labor, which Jenn helped me through with massages, exercises, aromatherapy, and a comfortable & cutely decorated room that made me feel like I was in a home instead of a hospital! When labor slowed, she didn't give up, and helped me more than anyone else at that hospital in moving my dilation further. I know that if it wasn't for her help and our determination, I would've ended up having a c-section. I am and will always be so happy and grateful that I was able to deliver naturally because of her guidance, comfort, and support! 

Katelyn S.


I love Jenn!!
  My husband and I were expecting our first baby in October 2021. As with many first time moms, I had fears that started to arise and we decided to take a birthing class and that's where we met Jenn. Once we walked out of the first class, I told my husband how much I loved Jenn! After discussing it with my husband, we decided to hire Jenn as our doula. Fast forward to my labor, I was really close to 42 weeks and ended up being admitted to be mechanically induced. I was originally suppose to birth at a birthing center so having her there when my plan was turned upside down was extremely calming. After 3 days between my initial hospital visit, going home and laboring, laboring at the birthing center, I ended back  at the hospital and labored for another 14 hours at the hospital. If you can imagine, it was an extremely long and very unpredictable process. After all of that I ended up with an elective c-sections and anyone who ask me about it I say I had an AMAZING birth experience. It was long but having Jenn there meant more than I could put into words. She was constantly there communication with my midwives, nurses and doctors, even my husband at times when I couldn't. I can't tell you the peace it gave me to have her there helping me understand the process, having her there to bounce my thoughts off of,  her take intiative setting up rooms ( hospital rooms and birthing suite which brought an atmosphere I didn't even think I would need). I was so happy with my experience I've already talked to my husband about hiring for the next pregnancy when it's time! 

Naike J .

I had the privilege of meeting Jenn during my daughters labor and delivery of my grandson Kal! She is the most thoughtful, giving and loving Doula I've ever met! It was an honor that she was my daughters doula! Every detail was covered! All the senses were stimulated for a peaceful environment during labor, sight, sound, smell and touch were all immersed with a pure love from her heart. Not only is she very tender she is very educated and knowledgeable. I felt so comfortable with her there that I was able to go home and sleep a bit and come back the next day! She stayed by my daughters side and gave her an amazing leg and foot massage to help her relax and bring on labor! I am forever grateful for Jenn! I highly recommend her if you're looking for a compassionate educated loving and caring doula!

Dawn H.


Jennifer Randall was hired by my wife and I for her Doula services for the preparation and birth of our 2nd boy.  Our experience with Jennifer was absolutely incredible. She provided us with the physical tools needed to prepare for a successful home or birthing center birth. Jennifer not only prepared us mentally but also physically through a series of stretches and exercises that came in very handy once it was time to deliver. Her knowledge of children and giving birth as well as her amazing personality, allowed us to have an amazing birth story that we will continue to share with friends and peers who are expecting. I would recommend Jennifer Randall to anyone remotely interested in a natural birth. I wish we would have used Jennifer on our first child, as that labor was over 24 hours. Jennifer Randall is an amazing human being, and we are so thankful to have her in our lives for this experience..


Chris & Dorothy T.

My experience with Jenn as my doula was more than I could have asked for! For my first baby, my sister urged me to hire a doula if I wanted to have a natural, intervention and medication-free birth. I was referred to Jenn through a mutual friend and, from our first phone call, knew she was the doula for me for a few very specific reasons: without my prompting as Jenn shared her "style" of support, she said that 1) she never wants to usurp the role of the husband/partner when there is one 2) she has a big personality, but when labor starts, she gets quiet and watches mom for cues of the mood she needs and 3) we share a Christian faith. These 3 things were secretly very important to me to feel like-minded with my doula. We also took childbirthing classes with Jenn leading up to the birth which were MASSIVELY helpful both to promote a positive understanding and preparation for the birth ahead of time as well as to get to know Jenn. When the time of birth arrived, she was everything promised and MORE. Her emotional anda practical support to me cannot be understated and she  had great rapport with my husband and friend who were with me as well as hospital staff (my midwife LOVED her!). I am so grateful to Jenn for her strength and expertise which led to the first beautiful, powerful, medication-free birth for me!thing.

Alexa C.

Alexa & Caleb C..jpg
Linda G..JPG

I'm hoping that my testimony, will help someone believe in themselves after a traumatic experience. My 1st child, was born via c-section and i was left traumatized. I didn't realize that the birth plan I orginally hoped for could possibly change last minute. The day I went into labor, I was only 1-2 cm dialated, no mucous, plug, and my water did not break. The contractions were intense and my poor husband and parents were not able to help guide me through them and I knew immediantely that a Doula was necessary and it was a huge mistake to not have one. I was not able to cope and deal with the labor pains nor was I prepared with different positions and exercises that could've helped me. Long story short, I was rushed to the nearest unfamiliar hospital and I succumb to a cesarian even though we still planned for a vaginal birth. I was cold, shaking, unable to breathe as I normally do, and scared as I waited on the operating table for my son to be pulled from my body. It was awful and the recovery was scary. Thank goddness my husband was there to assist me with recovery. Baby #2 came as a surprise, a year after my son was born. I immediantly searched for a facility that would allow a v-bac (Vaginal birth after cessarian), I knew that I wanted no interventions (ex: midwife breaking water), and I knew a Doula was necessary if I wanted it to be successful. I've seen Jenn before and I was recommended to her while I was pregnant with my 1st child. I instantly fell in love after meeting Jenn for the for the 1st time and I knew she was the ONE. Jenn made me believe that I can have a sucessful v-bac delivery and shared and educated me on many tips. I used the exercises to prepare my body for birth and when I went into labor, I was confident. I admit it was tough, but when I reached 10 cm all by myself, I was amazed at what a womens body could handle. I sucessfully delivered a healthy baby girl vaginally and I thank Jenn and her husband for recommending her to me.


Linda G

Jenn did an incredible job teaching about the whole pregnancy process and educating us on our all of our options as new mommas. She made me feel like a part of her family as she is so loving and welcoming. She also helped me to not be afraid of the birthing process and to embrace it at every moment. Thanks so much Jenn! 

Lauren F.

Breeana & Cody H..JPG

Jenn’s work as a Doula has made a significant difference in the way we perceive childbirth. We were adamant about having a natural birth and choosing Jenn was one of the best decisions we made during my pregnancy! As this was our first pregnancy, she answered every question and guided us through the reasons of her answers. The best part was that we could completely trust her and her years of knowledge to help bring our baby girl into the world.

We decided her to hire her based on the rave reviews of the Heart to Heart Birth Center. All the staff had nothing but good things to say about her. So, we met with her. Her vibe was warm and inviting and her classes were very informative from varying perspectives. The valuable content presented helped during my labor….especially moving around while in labor. TBH without Jenn, I am sure my birth story wouldn’t be as beautiful as it was. Since I was focused so much on my breathing and movements Jenn gave me per contraction, I can honestly say the whole laboring process wasn’t as painful as I thought it was going to be.

Jenn is DEFINITELY worth hiring for any type of birth you wish to have! We wish her nothing but the best and hope she continues to help educate families and see many more B-Earth Days!


Breeana & Cody H.

I met Jenn at The Educated Mama.  She was our birthing class instructor.  Our first time meeting I fell in love with her.  She gave me such a warm caring feeling from the first hello. After completing the birthing class, I asked Jenn to become my doula. She was always there for me and made me as comfortable as possible.  Jenn is so wonderful, I appreciate everything.

M. Darge

I’m a, newly engaged, first  time mom; naturally, my fiancée and I wanted to be educated on how to accomplish our pregnancy and labor  goals- which led us to enroll  in Jenn's 5 week Calm Birth class. From the moment we walked in she greeted us with a big genuine smile and a warm hug. When Jenn finished that first class I immediately asked her what it would take for her to not only be our educator but also our Doula. It’s clear this is Jenniffer's calling. The way she genuinely cares for your comfort and the manner in which she supports each of us as individuals and as a whole is incredible and may have something to do with her counseling background. She’s very aware and extremely positive. Her heart for Christ, coupled with her desire to give you the best experience possible made her the right choice for us. If you’re looking for someone qualified and compassionate you found her. Be warned, her laughter is super infectious :) 


Shakyra C.

17 years ago you taught me baby sign language so I could teach my son (Ezekiel).  I can tell you that it made an incredible difference in our relationship from day one. He never had to cry and leave me wondering what was wrong or what he needed.  He could always tell me what he needed even before he could form words.  That made him feel safe and because we were always watching each other for signs, we paid attention to each other.  That grew into a better relationship as he grew up.  Even now we can speak without words, and we still pay attention to each other.  Priceless between parent and child at any age!  Thank you Jenn!!

Patty H.

Awesome Birth Journey Baby.jpg

My husband and I decided to hire Jenn to be our doula after taking her Calm Birth class. We originally didn't plan on hiring a doula, but after going through some major life-changing events we decided we needed the extra support. We are very happy we did, and definitely made the right decision in hiring Jenn. We learned a lot from her calm birth class, but in the midst of labor it's easy to forget techniques learned. Jenn was awesome during the labor. She helped me remain calm as possible and to breathe. She also helped my husband and reminded him of stuff that we learned so that he could help me, and also be apart of the birth of his son. She didn't interfere and knew when to give us our space when we wanted to be alone together. I planned on a natural birth at Heart 2 Heart birth center, but plans changed. After many hours of pushing and the baby not descending down I had to transfer to the hospital. I was extremely upset and anxious. Jenn remained by my side. I ended up having to have a c-section. This was something I had always feared. Jenn stayed with me while the anesthesiologist administered my epidural, and helped me remain calm even through the contractions. She stayed with us all the way until my husband and I went back to the operating room. After the baby was born Jenn didn't forget about us. she was very supportive and came to visit us at home. She helped us settle the baby when he was fussy and gave us some good pointers. I would have never been able to labor as long as I did at the birth center without Jenn's support. I'm so glad she was with us when we had to transfer to the hospital, as it was very scary for me and with her support I was able to make informed decisions and remain calm. Thank you, Jenn, for supporting Sean and me in the birth of baby Garrett. I seriously don't think we could've done it without you. 

Erin F.

Why do I love my Doula and Midwife? 6 weeks later and they are still teaching and coaching me! No matter what day, time or question they are there and I am forever grateful! Thank you does no justice for the gratitude I have.


I will share my birth story once I have some time! Just know these two made my birth experience exceptional 

Witney B.

Awesome Birth Journey Sara H.jpg

I had the pleasure of taking Jenn’s Calm Birth Class. I walked in not knowing much and walked out with so much information. I liked how we learned about hospital as well as birth center practices. My favorite part was learning about the comfort techniques. Learning how to breathe correctly and the many comfort techniques made me feel less anxious about birth. Jenn is a very special person, she made me feel so comfortable and I could tell she is very passionate about what she teaches. I liked her so much that I also asked her to be my doula for my birth. Just knowing I have her expertise and support makes me feel great and I’m excited to try everything we learned when the time comes. 

Sara H.

My husband and I met Jenn Randall at her Calm Birth class.  Jenn's focus not only on the birth experience but on pregnancy, all stages of labor, our relationship as parents, breastfeeding, postnatal care, and even child was more than we could process all at once, but thanks to her fantastic documentation we now have a virtual "Jenn Library" to draw from.

Once we formally asked Jenn to be our doula she dedicated the entire month to us.  We had three home visits where we received instruction truly catered to our experience.  She went to astounding lengths to get to know us spiritually and emotionally, individually and as a couple.

From early labor to delivery, our birth experience lasted three days.  The moment I realized my contractions were "the real deal," I texted Jenn.  She was able to help me understand where I was in my labor and coach me through the following days.  Because of her we were able to successfully labor at home until ten hours before our son arrived.

From early labor to delivery, our birth experience lasted three days.  The moment I realized my contractions were "the real deal," I texted Jenn.  She was able to help me understand where I was in my labor and coach me through the following days.  Because of her we were able to successfully labor at home until ten hours before our son arrived.

Our natural, unmedicated birth was by no means traumatic, but it was difficult.  I firmly believe that without Jenn's coaching and compassion I would not have successfully completed my perfect birth, nor would I remember it as fondly.  She knew when I needed tough love, she knew when I needed sympathy, and she had so many solutions we were comfortable following her lead even in the most distressing moments.  

We emerged with a perfect, healthy boy at 41 weeks gestation.  I had no tearing, Jenn helped him latch within the hour, and we took him home that night.  Jenn even stopped by our house to check on us two days later and, ever humble, receive our feedback on her performance.  

After this experience, I recommend that every birth is accompanied by a doula.  And if you are in Central Florida, there is no one more qualified than Jenn Randall.

Rowan & Andrew J.

Jenn is absolutely amazing! She is very thorough, genuine, and very knowledgeable. She helped coach and empower me through the birth of my first child who was born at home via a beautiful water birth. Jenn is clearly passionate about the services she provides and I highly recommend her to families that want a positive memory of such a beautiful life occasion.
Rachel M.
Absolutely wonderful. Not a negative thing to say. Very helpful and caring. Thank you for everything, Jenn. 
Jose M.

Jenn was absolutely amazing. I had doubts mostly because of the additional cost on top of everything else, but my wife wanted her to be apart of the experience. Jenn was completely worth the investment (and so much more) and we can't thank her enough for her time, love, patience, and support.

Peter J.

Jenn is amazing. With her help, I was able to feel equipped and ready for the arrival of my first born son. She has lots of Education materials, including a video that teaches you the different cries of your baby and what they mean. I was so happy to know that I could take care of my baby's needs when he cried and I knew how to do it and what he wanted!  Thank you Jenn!

Jackie Joy J.

I simply cannot say enough about why any expecting couple should hire Jenn as their Doula. We met Jenn through Heart 2 Heart Birthing Center as she was the one giving the Calm Birth class which we elected to attend and knew almost instantly that we wanted to hire her to be there the day of... and boy are we glad we did.     


My water broke at 8:30 am on a Saturday, and after calling my husband, and the birthing center, I called Jenn who was on her way stat.  She arrived shortly after we did, and helped us get settled and unpacked into our birthing suite.  

She helped my husband and I through all the previously practiced techniques that we learned in class, and in our private meetings with her, but most importantly she was there to support us in any way possible.          


Both of us had a lot of fear and anxiety about choosing to have a natural birth, but our meetings with Jenn helped us overcome that.  We even felt stronger in our relationship heading into this life changing event.  Jenn was there for us from beginning to end and would still to this day pick up a phone call from us about new parent issues like breastfeeding, fussy baby, etc.

After a rather quick labor of about 6 hours, my husband and I welcomed our beautiful baby boy into this world, in large part due to Jenn’s immense skill, passion, and kindheartedness.  Both of us are so grateful we made the choice to not only have a doula present at the birth, but this one specifically.

                          Alexsis F.
Super informative! Jenn keeps it fun and engaging the entire time.  [Caleb learns the art of baby wearing at classes provided by Jenn the Doula at The Educated Mama.]

Caleb G.

Jenn provided a wealth of knowledge and information! After attending her class my husband and I feel a lot more comfortable and prepared for our journey with a natural birth plan. Her class is something I would recommend to other expectant parents. 

Teri A.

Can’t say enough good things! Jenn is a kind and knowledgeable teacher. She certainly has found her calling. We learned a ton at the calm birth class and can’t wait to bring all that she taught into the labor room and beyond!
Page B.
I just want to start by saying that i was the last person who would have "needed" a Doula.  Even after we were half way thru our birthing class, I was not totally convinced but went along with my wife's decision to hire a Doula.  How wrong was I. Jenn was like family to us by the end of the class.  There was no question that her Doula services were a necessity to my wife and I as we were first time parents.  What a blessing she was the entire experience.  She never left our side the entire 20+ hrs of delivery.  You will not find a more knowledgeable, caring and AVAILABLE Doula out there.      
                          Thomas P.
Working with a Doula is very relaxing and very helpful. With my first pregnancy, I feel very blessed and happy to have a Doula by my side to support and guide me through it.

Erika W.

Jenn is absolutely amazing! I took her calm birth class and she absolutely rocked it! She not only took the time to answer all my questions and concerns she also showed my husband how he could be helpful and comforting to me during labor and even how to help my discomforts towards the end of pregnancy. Even after the class ended Jenn took the time to help me while I was in the early stages of labor because I was panicked and couldn't remember info. She took the time to comfort and encourage me. Jenn not only knows what she is talking about she is passionate about it and about you and your family. She is the best and not only did I gain knowledge I also gained a friend!  (:
Thank you for everything Jenn!

Stephanie K.

We could of have had a much more difficult and stressful time without Jenn there.  She made us feel comfortable and gave me a sense of relief knowing that she had our backs

Alfredo A.

She [Jenn] was very knowledgeable on all things prenatal and very helpful when I was admitted to the hospital. She was my constant go to when medical professionals tried jamming medical jargon at me. She was amazing at helping my husband remember what to do and give him breaks so he could be my rock through the whole experience. I could not have ask for a better doula. 
Charna P.

Jennifer is the most amazing lady! She has such a wealth of knowledge to share, all of which is absolutely invaluable. Classes are very reasonably priced considering the amount of information and support that is given. You can tell that Jennifer is so passionate about what she does, that this is what she loves. She has wonderful and educational stories to share about her experiences and what she has learned over the years. The class it self is the foundation of knowledge and she just builds on that, making it practical and applicable. She makes you feel and have the knowledge to get through any situation you may encounter. I would highly, highly recommend anyone take her class, even if you are not attending the clinic for care. I love The Educated Mama!

Aubrey L.

My husband and I took Jenn's "Calm Birth" class at Heart 2 Heart Birth Center and we were very impressed with her teaching ability, patience, and compassion. As new parents, we're so thankful that we hired Jenn to be our doula. It was one of the wisest choices we made. Our natural birth did not go as planned as we ended up transferring to a hospital after 29 hours of labor. She helped keep Mom focused, practicing what we learned in class. We were so glad she was with us for the support through the whole labor, especially at the hospital. She stayed with us until after our daughter was born and helped her latch well for her first feeding. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a qualified doula!
Larissa & Tristin M.
Aunt Jennifer was such a blessing to me, helping me deal with the emotional and physical aspects of labor.  I would strongly suggest every pregnant woman get a doula!!

Thank you, Aunt Jenn!!

Vershurdra D.
Jenn did an AMAZING job and made my daughter feel relaxed and more comfortable!  What a pleasant surprise that my own aunt would have such skill and do such a great job!
Sometimes you don't know the gifts you have right here in the family!        
Veronda - Grandmother
Took the very first birthing class that Jenn taught and it was SO informative! Went in to give birth and felt confident and ready for my birthing experience. I've been told that the classes are even better now, so we will be going to refresher classes for the next baby!!
Lisa K.
I took the Calm Birth class for my second son who was born Aug 5th at Heart 2 Heart. The information and tools Jenn provided to me were indispensable during my labor. I was able to deliver my baby unassisted with the support of the midwives and my courageous husband. It was so beautiful and fulfilling learning how strong the female body really is. Such a complete difference from my hospital experience that I had with my first. I want to sincerely thank Jenn for the gift of self empowerment that she gave me during those class sessions that lead to me having such a wonderful natural labor.
                          Emily D.
Jennifer is the AWESOMEST!!!  She provided enthusiastic and thorough education about pregnancy and delivery prior to going into labor.  During labor she was a constant calming companion seeming to know instinctively what was needed to keep this mama's head in the game!  My second son was a VBAC...10  pounds and 4.1 ounces.  I could not have pushed that big boy out without all the encouragement I received from Jennifer!  She celebrated his birth like it was her own child and truly helped make this the best birth experience imaginable!        
Sarah W. 
Dear Jennifer,

We wanted to express our gratitude towards you for helping us deliver daughter, Danielle this past Thursday. We appreciate and wanted to thank you for spending over 18 consecutive hours while Victoria was in labor and for coming over to our house the past previous Saturdays, to help us understand the laboring process and teaching us a bit more about each other. We admire the way you displayed a constant calm demeanor during the birth experience. Your knowledge and soothing techniques were in full effect. Victoria and I are extremely grateful to have had you part of this lovely experience.  


Carlos & Victoria G. 
I met Jenn taking a birthing class at Heart 2 Heart Birth Center and at first I thought it was going to be stupid, like the stereotype with yoga balls and meditating like in the movie Baby Mama. I thought I would learn nothing and there was really no point in going. Right off the bat when I first walked in I was greeted with Jenn's warming smile and a hug. It was nothing like I thought it would be. I learned so much, and being an 18 year old most people assume I didn't know anything about birth, or being a mom, but I've had children around me my whole life. Yet, still there was so much to learn. It was the best experiences I could've had during my pregnancy.  When the baby came I knew I was 100% prepared.
I waited to give my review until my baby was 4 months old because I'm still using the information Jenn gave me. The class goes way deeper than birth, it goes into child temperaments, breastfeeding, massage methods, what to expect, how to make birth and recovery easier. I'm so beyond thankful that i got the chance to meet Jenn because she was so sweet and understanding. If you're thinking about taking this class, trust me it's the best thing you could do to make your birth experience a million times better!
Alexis S.
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