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 Jennifer has made such a difference in the birth outcomes for so many moms wanting to have a natural childbirth experience. In our culture, with medicated birth so prevalent, it takes effort, preparation and a great support team to get through natural birth. Our area midwives (whether they are providing Homebirth, birth center care, or hospital birth) are committed to making a difference with their patients but it starts with childbirth education and preparation. Jennifer prepares moms and dads on what to expect during the labor process and gives them coping tools to get through birth without pain medication. She is awesome and our patients love her!


M. Heart Graf-Dixon, Licensed Midwife

Owner of Heart 2 Heart Birth Center

& The Educated Mama, Sanford, FL

Birth Doula Services - $1050 - $1250*

A Birth Doula Service package includes several services that will prepare you mentally, emotionally and physically for your birth.  

Free Consultation: 

This initial face-to-face meeting is about 1 hour long and is designed to provide information about my doula services.  It gives the expecting family an opportunity to decide if we are a good match, as it is essential to know that you and your doula are a good fit for one another. There is no charge for this visit.  


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Prenatal Visits:

I will meet with you and whomever you choose to be your birth partner (whether that is the father of the baby, family member, dear friend, etc.) 2 times before labor for the purposes of:  

    *  becoming acquainted

    *  exploring and discussing your priorities

    *  discussing anything you may have questions or hesitations about regarding labor and birth 

    *  planning how we might best work together

    *  discussing specific signs and phases of labor as well as coping strategies for both mom and birth partner

    *  reviewing when to call your doula and when to contact your doctor or midwife


    *  sharing comfort techniques for labor and pushing positions.  

I will be particularly interested in discovering the best ways of coping with intense sensations and fatigue, for both you and your birth partner, and how you foresee working together with your doula as a team.  

Labor, Birth and Initial Postpartum:

As your doula, I prefer that you call me when you think you are in labor, even if you do not yet need me.  I can answer questions over the phone.  We will decide if I should come right away, or wait.  We will also decide where to meet: at your home, or if the birth is planned outside of the home, at the hospital or birth center.  


Except for extraordinary circumstances, once I come to you in early labor, I will remain with you during the entire labor, ​and birth ​process.

After your baby is born, I will stay to ensure you have established an initial good latch to breastfeeding, should you choose to do so.  I will depart only after you are settled and your physical needs have been met... unless you are comfortable with me leaving sooner.

Postpartum Follow-Up: 

Two weeks after the birth, during this final home visit, we will have an opportunity to see one another again to discuss your birth experience, and ensure your family is adjusting well to your new baby.

24-Hour On-Call:

As your doula, I will be available to you any time, day or night, from week 38 of your pregnancy until the time your baby is born.  Should you have a pre-term birth, every effort will be made to provide services during that time as well.  


I do contract with a backup doula in the event that some unforeseeable emergency prevents me from attending your birth.   Either way, you will have a skilled doula available at your birth.

Phone/e-mail/text Support: 

As your doula, I will be available by phone (for you or your birth partner) any time throughout your pregnancy and 6 weeks postpartum. You are welcome to call after visits to your healthcare providers, call to ask questions about pregnancy or early labor, or call even if you just need emotional support.

Breastfeeding Support:  

As your doula, I can aide with initial latch-on after birth and provide breastfeeding support by phone pre- and post-birth.

As a Doula, I DO NOT: 

    *  Perform any clinical tasks.


    *  Make decisions for you.


    *  Speak to the health provider staff instead of you.


    *  Project any of my own beliefs onto your experience.

*Special discounts are available for: 

    *  Those who are returning families.  

    *  Those who are birthing for adoption.

    *  Those who are active duty military members, or their spouses.

    *  Those who have completed my group or private childbirth education classes.

Private Insurance Reimbursement: 

Upon request, you will be provided with service receipts, a letter verifying services rendered, and other documentation to assist you in filing for reimbursement of fees from your insurance company.  Your doula is not responsible for filing with your insurance, nor can guarantee that your insurance provider will reimburse you.  

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