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Childbirth Education Classes* 

Group classes offered at The Educated MamaSanford, FL

or private classes in your home.

First of all, I would like to say that I have known Jennifer over 10 years and during this time she has demostrated that she is honest, reliable and a woman full of integrity.   I am a Licensed Midwife and have been attending births for over 30 years.  I work at Heart 2 Heart Birth Center and have had the priviledge and honor of attending one of Jennifer's births.  She has a beautiful family, and has had beautiful births.  
I also have had the honor and priviledge of having our patients take Childbirth Classes with Jenn.  She is a fantastic teacher and is loved by all.  One of the things I like best about her is that she does the best follow up of anyone I know!  I recommend her classes and recommend her to be your doula.  She will not let you down.  She will deliver everything she promises and more!  She is very attentive, loving, supportive and knowledgeable!  She will make you feel that you and your birth are the most important thing to her including giving you all the attention you need.  At the same time she will create confidence in your ability to give birth and empower you with your own strength.
Our patients love her and her classes and love having her as a doula.  We always hear compliments and praise and never a complaint from our patients.  You will have made the right choice when you choose Jenn!


Lynn Deer, Licensed Midwife

Director of Midwifery at Heart 2 Heart Birth Center

Let's face it:  Childbirth is a tremendously joyous occasion, and it is just as tremendously intense!


Now you wouldn't plan to run the Boston Marathon, or climb Mount Everest without preparing mentally, physically and emotionally, would you?

Preparing to birth your beautiful baby is yet another way to demonstrate your love for your "Itty Bitty!"  Did you know there are 7 cardinal movements your baby needs to accomplish to complete the birth process?  Do you know how to work with your body to facilitate these movements?  I'd love to show you!!

What sets my classes apart from others:


I offer Christ-honoring, natural childbirth education classes.  

I do more than teach breathing and relaxation techniques.  I also focus on targeted exercises to condition the ligaments and muscles surrounding the pelvic region, for the purpose of providing the most optimal fetal position for birth.  It takes time to recondition them, and it's best to start before the baby engages, or "drops down.  I also demonstrate various habits that some moms have that can potentially encourage a baby to be posterior... or facing in a way that is less comfortable for mom during labor.  Therefore, I recommend for moms to complete the course between weeks 32 - 34 of your pregnancy.   I cover "what," "why," and "how" to provide the best understanding of how to work with your baby and your body during birth.    


Also, I am passionate about involving and training the partner's of the expectant moms to be confident to provide comfort by assisting with specific maneuvers that work with her anatomy.  This helps the mom feel better, and also assists your precious baby with the 7 cardinal moves he/she needs to complete during the birth. 


Finally, I always provide parents with followup emails containing the notes and any links we cover during class.  I wouldn't want any of my students to get to the time of birth and have the thought, "Oh My!  I can't remember anything that was taught in class!" 

In 5 weeks, we will cover:


     *   a brief history and a proper Biblical understanding of childbirth


     *   practical prenatal activities to help encourage Baby into an optimal birthing position

     *   7 cardinal movements your baby needs to complete before birth, and how to

work with your baby and your body to help facilitate them

     *   prenatal body mechanics and maternal positioning 

     *   how to foster better understanding and communication between partners

     *   promoting comfort during pregnancy

     *   birthing environments and mindsets

     *   nutrition

     *   fitness

     *   signs & phases of labor

     *   possible concerns during pregnancy & labor

     *   how your loved ones can support the mother before, during and after birth

     *   postpartum “need to know’s"

     *   breastfeeding, and more!

Other Classes offered at

All classes require registration.  Go to

for prices, schedules and sign ups.

You may also register by calling the office at


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After the Stork

Covering the first 8 days of your baby’s life in 3 hours - regarding questions that you may still have about cord care, breastfeeding, baby sleeping and more.  


Parents may attend with newborn.

Baby Sign Language


Teaching a baby sign language is simply practical:  The major motor skills to communicate with their hands and body are mastered much earlier in their physiological development than the minor motor skills required to perform speech.  In the meantime, they have an opportunity to build self-confidence by being understood by those to love and care for them!   (The baby here is signing "sleepy.")

Boot Camp for Dads

This class is for men only - taught to expectant dads by a dad.  This class reviews the end of pregnancy mama emotions, realistic birth signs and helpful labor techniques, what's going happen after baby arrives, how to be helpful to your breastfeeding wife (if she chooses to nurse), diapering, basic baby care skills, and more.

CPR Certification


The skills you learn in a CPR class, much more likely than not, would be used to save the life of someone near and dear to you, rather than a stranger who happens to be sitting next to you in some public place.  While, saving the life of a stranger is no small thing, when you think of your loves ones... and especially your little ones, isn't it worth your time to learn some simple, but potentially life-saving techniques in the event of an emergency? Be wise. Think ahead. Learn what to do, and how to do it BEFORE an emergency hits! At the end of this class, you will hold a certification, valid for 2 years, in adult, child and infant CPR. 

Breastfeeding 101


Breastfeeding is a natural, but a learned skill.  Get the information you need to ensure you master it efficiently and lessen, or avoid emotional stress and nipple damage!  Feeding your "Itty Bitty" is the first thing you'll need to do once he / she is (or they are) born -- The earlier you begin to learn in this area, the better!!

How to Have a Better Birth

This is a 1-day, 3-hour refresher course for parents who've already had at least one child.  It is a condensed form of our Calm Birth class.  All the same benefits can obtained as those mentioned above.

Sibling Prep


Helps to prepare big brother or sister (ages 3 – 10) to be prepared for the arrival of new baby. This class meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

Training for Birth Workers:

Doulas, Midwives, Childbirth Assistants, and / or Body Workers

This class is for those in the childbirth industry, and those who work with pregnant women.

Rebozo for Better Birth


A Rebozo is an ancient, traditional cloth used in the Mexican culture to do a variety of things, including assisting women in childbirth.


There are many positions and techniques shared that can bring comfort and improve the confidence of the laboring mother and her partner for the birth.

The Rebozo is an amazing tool that can be used to help couples work together to baby down the birth canal.   Many positions require close proximity of their bodies, which makes for an even more intimate experience.  

I recently took the Rebozo for Better Birth class at The Educated Mama and can't recommend it enough! Jenn is truly a gifted teacher who creates a warm and relaxed environment for learning. This is a "don't miss" class!

Julie G.

Register alone or with a Rebozo

Early Bird  

$95 alone / $75 with Rebozo


$125 alone / $105 with Rebozo

Hosting Spinning Babies

w/ Tammy Ryan

10 November 2024

Join Spinning Babies Approved Trainer Tammy Ryan for a Spinning Babies Workshop!

Understand the role of muscles and ligaments in preparation and progress in childbirth. Effects of posterior, solutions for transverse lie, and labor patterns when baby needs to rotate in the pelvis. Reduce unnecessary cesareans due to lack of progress in labor. This workshop has been approved for 7 advanced Doula Training contact hours, 7 contact hours.

See more details here

This important client care workshop focuses on understanding and healing the effects of childhood sexual abuse on childbearing women. Join maternity care, mental health and allied providers to focus on the issues of the least understood of pregnant clients.

Advance your understanding of an all too common issue for childbearing women and families.

Expand your care practices for women at risk of poor physical and psychosocial childbirth outcomes.

See more details here

When Survivors Give Birth

w/ Tammy Ryan


Doula Training by Jenn the Doula

Ask me about 1-on-1 doula training (coming soon).


Learn valuable skills that will serve you well in your new doula business.    

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