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Baby Sign Language

Learn to teach your baby this multi-sensory approach to many of baby's most commonly used words.  Signs used in this course are from American Sign Language (ASL).

Research shows that teaching hearing babies to sign has many benefits, including (but not limited to):

    *  Providing practical language to give baby the ability to


    *  communicate well before speaking.


    *  Reducing temper tantrums.


    *  Increasing vocabulary & language skills.


    *  Improving reading & spelling skills and even IQ.


    *  Increasing visual attention and joint attention skills.


    *  Promoting fine motor skills.


    *  Teaching a language that will provide an opportunity to


    *  communicate with those who are deaf.


    *  Having LOTS of FUN with your baby!

Baby Alexa's first sign at 5 months old: "daddy." 

The beautiful thing about signing with your baby is that you can start at any time!​  They usually start signing back within a few months to a year... sometimes, it  starts slowly, and then picks up very quickly!  You will be AMAZED!! 

Jenn gives great material to teach babies and toddlers how to sign. My daughter’s speech is delayed and she has signed a few words in a week! Definitely recommend this class for any young child because it really helps them communicate when they can’t speak yet.

Marisa B. with

Audrey, age 2

Meet Baby Alexa (pictured here at 11 months old):  She started signing at only 5 months, the youngest signer in our family.  Like her 3 older sisters, she was talking, and reading earlier than most her age, surpassing a spoken and sign vocabulary of over 200 words by her first birthday.

Meet baby Ethan (pictured here at 19 months old):  he rather took his time signing back to us, with his first sign being "milk" at 11 months old -- then he took off!!  He ​developed a spoken, signing and reading vocabulary of over 300 words by 24 months.


He could read, say, sign, and finger spell is own first name.  He could recite the alphabet and the sounds the letters make (where applicable) in English, American Sign Language and Hebrew.  He recognized, read, vocalized and signed:

    *  The days of the week


    *  Colors

    *  Seasons


    *  Shapes

    *  Sports wors


    *  Foods


    *  Numbers (up to 20 unassisted, and 60 with help)


    *  So much more!

Teaching a baby Sign Language is as easy as playing peek-a-boo, as long as you have the vocabulary and consistency.  Let me show you how!!  


I offer Baby Language classes at The Educated Mama, in Sanford, FL.  

Cost of the 4-week series is $75 / for parents and baby, $10 for each add'l child... $25 if an additional adult would like to join (such as extended family members) and comes with followup written and digital materials so you can maintain your child's learning at home.

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